Is Mold remediation on Long Island Covered?

According to Health Day over 25 percent of America’s population is allergic to mold. Of these 20 percent, 10 percent of them will contract an actual illness due to its allergic reaction, necessitating  mold remediation on Long Island. Mold is a fungus that feeds on organic compounds by breaking it down to absorbable nutrients. These materials may include trees, carpets, clothes, and many more.

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Mold includes yeast and mushrooms, which mean it can be used in fermentation, pharmaceuticals, and food industry. While mold can be beneficial, it is only safe if used under a controlled system. However, it can be ubiquitous; meaning it can grow anywhere, from buildings, bathrooms, trees, among other places. If left to grow in large numbers, then it can become a health hazard. Apart from causing allergic and respiratory problems, in large numbers, it can interfere with the neurological system – all the more reason why you need to contact mold removal long island to get rid of it.


While there are several ways to get rid of mold, the best bet is using a professional company. Though it may cost you an extra buck, a professional mold removal company is the safest and surest way of getting rid of this fungus. With years of experience, professionals from mold remediation on long island are aware of what compound to use and where to look when looking to kill mold.


Can my insurance cover mold removal?


In most cases, homeowners’ insurers don’t cover for mold removal unless it is specifically “covered by a peril.” This means they can only remit funds if it was covered under a particular risk as specified in their contract.


Instances that I can file for a claim


Assuming your home insurance covers water damage and maybe your water pipe ruptures and as a result of this leakage, your house grows mold. At this point, you can file for a claim along with any property damaged as a result of the mold. Another instance is when a fire breaks out at your home. In case firefighters come and use water to get rid of the raging fire, then you can file for a claim and have professionals from mold remediation on long island get rid of any growing mold.


Instances which you can’t file for an insurance cover


However, it is worth noting that homeowners’ insurance plans can’t cover mold that could have resulted from leakage that you failed to report in time. This means if you noticed your tap or a pipe connection is leaking an insignificant amount of water and you fail to report, and as a result, it causes mold to grow in your home, then you won’t receive any insurance for that.


Facts you need to know about insurance cover


While mold can damage properties worth between 1000 dollars and 30,000 dollars, insurance covers have found a way to minimize their risk even when covered by their policy. In their cover, they may place a cap on the amount they would pay for mold removal, usually 1000 dollars to 10,000 dollars.